Criminal law

=> Our office specialises in the following criminal law services:

- Comprehensive legal advisory regarding criminal offences, minor offences, judicial and non-judicial (administrative) criminal procedures;

- Defence of the accused, legal representation of the victim (civil party), legal attorney assisting a witness in all phases of criminal proceedings - before the Investigating Authority, the Prosecutor and the Court.

- Legal representation of the accused or the client regarding a minor offence charge or in an administrative procedure - before the Minor Offences Authority, the Prosecutor and the Court - and legal attorney assisting a witness, representation also at insurers regarding traffic accidents for clients liable for or victims of accidents;

- Representation of convicts during the time they serve their sentences, assistance with pardon and parole applications and legal representation in particular: before the Office of the President of Hungary;

- Representation of those in pre-trial detention, preparation of applications for the discontinuance of coercive measures, legal representation in cases regarding the compensation for unjust incarceration;

- Legal representation before the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights for compensation for damages caused by state action violating the European Convention of Human Rights, in particular regarding non-compliance with the obligation to complete proceedings within a reasonable time (fair trial);

- Comprehensive legal representation to recover driving licences withdrawn due to driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or driving while intoxicated;

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