Real estate law

=> Our office specialises in the following real estate law services:

- Preparing sale-purchase, gift, barter and lease contracts regarding homes, residential buildings and holiday homes;

- Preparing documents relating to land and economic buildings, industrial parks or historical buildings;

- Comprehensive services regarding establishing a condominium, assistance with amending deeds of foundation, legal representation of condominium in litigation and claims management;

- Preparing real estate related agreements regarding the division of shared spousal assets;

- legal representation in land registry and tax registry proceedings (relating to duty on onerous transfer of property);

- Legal representation in proceedings and legal action regarding the protection of property;

- Division of co-ownership regarding real estate;

- Registration of mortgage or ban of selling and encumbering regarding real estate as security for debt, arranging for the cancellation of these;

- Registration of easements and usage rights and of ownership rights obtained with additional construction or marriage.

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