=> Our office specialises in the following services regarding relocation:

- Legal advisory, assistance and legal representation for the issue of permits necessary for staying in Hungary (residence permit and permanent residence permit), in particular: before the Office of Immigration and Nationality;

- Legal assistance necessary to obtain a Hungarian work permit for persons form a third country;

- Assistance with providing the necessary conditions for staying in Hungary, in particular: assistance with entering into real estate sale-purchase, rental agreements, obtaining administrative permits, settlement of social security status;

- Comprehensive assistance to foreign companies for pursuing business in Hungary, legal representation for the registration of a Hungarian branch office of a foreign enterprise, tax and other legal advisory;

- Comprehensive assistance to persons from abroad to establish or purchase companies in Hungary, providing delivery agency services, providing a registered seat, opening bank accounts in Hungarian financial institutions, legal advisory for the creation of the company structure, creating employment contracts;

- Comprehensive assistance to persons from abroad for the purchase of real estate in Hungary, providing them with legal representation in all judicial cases including criminal cases of major and minor offences without having to travel to Hungary more than necessary !!

The Law Office of Dr. Péter Sipos
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The Law Office of Dr. Péter Sipos

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